Demountable MCP Neutron Imaging Detectors

NOVA’s ‘open face’ or demountable neutron imaging detectors are single flange-mounted devices combining our neutron-sensitive MCP with a user-friendly Surface Concept Delay Line Anode as standard equipment. This combination allows complete flexibility in MCP neutron detector mounting and attachment, either onto a vacuum chamber or evacuated neutron beamline. There is also full and easy access to the key MCP neutron-sensing and signal-amplifying components, as well as to the underlying anode structure. If preferred, NOVA can provide an actively pumped detector with neutron-transparent front flange-mounted window for stand-alone operation.


Large area neutron-sensitive MCP-based ‘demountable’ imaging detector.


This vacuum-compatible detector offers very high spatial and simultaneous ultra-fast timing resolution for single neutron counting. The 75mm active neutron imaging area is shown above, with the Surface Concept DLA readout (anode backplane not visible). Direct single neutron pulse counting operation is possible with the integrated Surface Concept delay line electronic readout, an exceptionally user-friendly readout allowing ~50 µm spatial and 100 ns (0.1 µs) timing resolution simultaneously – a unique and extremely powerful combination, unable to be matched by any other type of single unit neutron detector.
MCP neutron imaging formats ranging from 18mm up to 150mm across (square or round) are possible, and alternative pulse-counting readout options are available as a custom order. Additionally, a phosphor screen/window option for use with a CMOS camera is available for integrated neutron detection and imaging.


A link to the demountable detector brochure can be found here, and our joint website with Surface Concept can be found here. Please contact NOVA directly to discuss customizing a detector to your specific requirements.


Physical Characteristics

Detection Unit Neutron-Sensitive MCP / Amplifier MCP
Imaging Area Diameter 18 mm up to 150mm, customizable
Output Delay Line Anode (standard) Other options available
Spatial Resolution <50 µm*
Temporal Resolution 100 ns
Cold and Thermal Neutron Sensitivity (5 meV-25 meV) ~60 % (5 meV) to ~45 % (25meV)
Gamma Ray Sensitivity ~ 1 %
Background < 1 ct/s/cm2


* Dependent upon neutron beam dispersion and readout selected. Current best achieved resolution: 36 µm FWHM.



For more information, or to obtain a quote, please contact one of our distributors:

USA/North America

Precision Measurement Technologies (Clearwater, FL)
Outside of North America

Surface Concept (Mainz, Germany)