NOVA Scientific Receives Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Award from the Department of Energy (DOE)

January 7, 2019 – NOVA Scientific, Inc. was granted a U.S. Department of Energy SBIR award to develop, refine, and commercialize a large format (150mm) solid-state neutron imaging detector for cold to epithermal energies, based on its unique patent-protected neutron-sensitive microchannel plate (MCP) technology.

This large area time-of-flight (TOF) detector, with integrated electronic imaging readout, will be capable of TOF energy-dispersive neutron imaging, providing very high spatial resolution (<50 µm FWHM) simultaneously with ultrafast timing resolution (<1 µs) – instantaneously encoding position and wavelength information, hence enabling energy-selective and energy-dispersive neutron imaging – of increasing importance for a variety of current as well as newly emerging applications in neutron science.

The very high neutron efficiencies now attainable with NOVA’s NeuViewTM MCPs will minimize data collection time, and allow maximum utilization of valuable neutron beam time.  The outstanding capabilities of neutron-sensitive MCP detectors, in this imaging context with pulsed neutron sources, have been amply demonstrated in several recent refereed publications by an international group of neutron researchers.  NOVA will continue to work closely with the neutron facilities (SNS/HFIR) and staff members of the Detector Group of Oak Ridge National Lab’s (ORNL) Neutron Sciences Directorate, for neutron testing and advanced application requirements.