Sealed Neutron Imaging Detectors

NOVA’s sealed neutron imaging detectors are produced jointly with ProxiVision GmbH, and are available in both 25 mm and 40 mm active imaging diameter sizes with a variety of options.


The ND25 detector is the smallest member of our sealed tube neutron imaging detector line, providing a phosphor screen output which can be observed by eye or with a CMOS camera, making it suitable for student training or beam profiling. The ND25 is a price-sensitive alternative, yet still provides exceptional detection efficiency and spatial resolution.


The ND40 detector more than doubles the neutron imaging area over that of the ND25 with fast phosphor screen output. The ND40 is the preferred format for most applications providing excellent detection efficiency and spatial resolution. The ND40 offers a robust system for neutron radiography, training, and tomography.


The ND40DL detector is our most advanced sealed tube detector which utilizes two MCPs for signal amplification with an electronic pixelated delay line anode. In this system the MCP electron cloud falls upon a conductive Ge film inside the vacuum and the delay line anode is attached to the outside of the rear vacuum wall. The capacitively-coupled, induced charge from the Ge conductive film is read by the delay line and converted by software into an image. The ND40DL detector is a complete system which includes power supply, software, and firmware for displaying images and various data display configurations. This system is capable of extremely fast time-tagging of individual neutron events and delivers excellent spatial resolution.

Features & Options

  • Excellent Neutron Detection Efficiency
  • Ultra-fast Timing for Single Neutron Detection
  • Lightweight and Compact
  • Wide Dynamic Range (6 to 8 orders)
  • Standard Mounting Enclosure
  • Wrap-around or Remote Power Supply
  • Light-tight Box with Camera
  • Phosphor Screen or Delay Line Readout


ND25 and ND40 Image Tubes


The ND40DL Neutron Camera


The ND25 and ND40 with phosphor screen readout both come standard with flying leads to connect to a customer-provided dual output power supply. Either of these two detectors can be supplied with optional power supplies.


Wrap-Around Power Supply. The detectors can have a self-contained wrap-around power supply as shown. The power supply is entirely integral and insulated to permit easy handling and is driven by a remote 15 VDC battery and switch.


Wraparound supply

ND25 with wrap-around power supply


Remote High-voltage Power Supply. A second option for both the ND25 and ND40 is a remote high-voltage “brick” with potentiometer control, as shown. This system can be fitted with extended cabling, permitting operation of the detector away from a radiation area.


ND40 with optional remote high-voltage power supply

ND40 with optional remote high-voltage power supply


Complete Enclosures & Systems.


NDMod. The ND25 and ND40 detectors can optionally be mounted in a black anodized aluminum enclosure, specially designed to rigidly fix the detector to a breadboard or optical rail. The enclosure is machined to mate easily to both metric and english breadboards or laboratory tables. The enclosure ensures that the detector will remain in a stable position or can be precisely adjusted on an optical rail.


ND40 with NDMod housing


The NDMod enclosure housing for both the ND25 and ND40 detectors. The enclosure rigidly mounts the detector into a fixed position for a bench mount, optical rail or stand and fits both metric and inch bolts.


NDCam. The NDCam is a black anodized aluminum light-tight box for performing radiographic imaging with the ND25 or ND40 detectors. The system consists of a CMOS camera and lens mounted on an optical rail with a 45° front surface mirror, and potentiometer-controlled, remote power supply. The detector is fixed into position in the box and the camera views the phosphor screen image from the front surface mirror. This system provides excellent stability for measurements and permits excellent spatial resolution of radiographic specimens mounted close to the front surface of the detector.


ND40 with NDCam Option

ND40 with NDCam option – includes light-tight box, front surface mirror, CMOS camera and remote power supply (top and side remove to show internal details)



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